Did you know that self-storage is more than a 30 billion dollar industry? In an era of unprecedented consumerism and online shopping, we are accumulating “stuff” at a phenomenal rate. One consequence is that many home owners are looking for ways to get more room for all their stuff.

There are three solutions to having “too much stuff” (provided you’re trying to keep it all): 1) Rent a storage unit for your stuff to live in alone. Lots of people apparently do! 2) Get organized. Hire a professional organizer or spend time figuring out and investing in shelving and storage bins. Interior designers can also help you find a more pleasing layout for furnishings. 3) Move into a different property. While that may seem extreme just to find a space for your couch, the fact is many home owners are squeezed into the wrong sized property.

If you or someone you know is in a home that’s too tight, talk to us about your property’s value and if there’s enough equity to buy into a larger place.