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Multi-Family vs. Single Family

The tortoise does not always win, especially in real estate investing.  Allow us to explain....


At Rickert Property Group we take our “Client First” philosophy to heart. This means that every partnering opportunity we consider has to be able to benefit our partner or it is not an opportunity we are willing to pursue. We believe that there are many qualities and skills that are required to be a successful and professional real estate investment and management organization. These include:

  • Integrity
  • In-depth skills and knowledge of the market place
  • Vast network with brokers, contractors, lenders and real estate professionals
  • Effective underwriting and negotiation skills which results quickness in getting great deals
  • Attentive listening and communication skills Meeting our clients’ needs with an attitude of “delight through excellence”
  • In addition, we have found that by utilizing the latest technologies we are able to implement effective and efficient processes which creates more time for us to spend with our investors.

Next Steps...

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